How do I become a member?

There is no membership at present for The Date List, College Date List or Gay Date List. All you have to do is post an ad or reply to an ad. Replies are stored on the site and when you post an ad you are emailed a password which you will need to access the replies to your post.

How do I post an ad?

Posting an ad is very easy. There are links that say post in the header and footer of the site on ever page and on the home page there is a huge post an ad link. Once you click on it just fill in the boxes and submit it. The next page is a review page. Read over your ad and check to make sure everything is good. THE MOST COMMON MISTAKE IS POSTING TO THE WRONG CATEGORY. Once you are sure it is correct submit it and you are done. An email is automatically sent to you with the password to access responses to your ad.

Your email address

The Date List is setup so your email is never publicly viewable. Emails you receive are in response to your ad are stored on The Date List. The only way someone can get your email address is by you giving it to someone. When you post an ad replies are sent to an anonymous email that is forwarded to your email. Only when you respond to an email will your email become known to another person as in effect you are then conversing via email off of our site. If you do not receive emails please check your spam folder and make sure emails from us do not end up there.

Things Not To Do

This is just a list of what not to do. We want The Date List to be a fun place and not filled with objectionable hate mongering or slander towards other people. Nor is the website your personal advertising board.

-Do NOT post your email address in the body of your post
-Do NOT use hyperlinks in your post.
-Do NOT post personal contact information for yourself nor ANYONE else.
-Do NOT use racist or hateful language. There is just no place for it here.

If for some reason you cannot access the site and you have been posting a lot it is probably a good sign you have been banned. Is this banning permanent or short lived? Well, that depends on what you did to screw things up and whether I am in a good mood or not. You can always contact us to discuss this.


I did not receive my password email

You might not be getting all your Date List email because your service provider has certain filters or “spam” blocking software installed or due to technical errors. Delivery delays are also common. To make sure you never miss another important Date List email you will need to change your inbox settings:



Never hit the Report Spam button. Hitting this button may prevent you from getting email from us. If you hit the Report Spam button by mistake, please take the following steps to make sure you continue to get your email.

  • Access the Spam Folder in the lower righthand corner of your mailbox.
  • Click on the email that you mistakenly reported as spam in the spam folder.
  • Click on the This is not Spam button at the bottom of the spam folder.


Add email addresses to your AOL Email Address Book.

Starting from your AOL Homepage,

  • Under Mail in top left corner, click Read
  • Under Mail Options pull down to Address Book
  • Click Add
  • Under Primary Email Address, select other email, then type:
  • Click Save
  • Repeat the previous three steps, also adding:

Emails from these addresses will now go to your AOL Inbox.

MSN Hotmail:


Never click the Junk button with an email from Hitting this button may prevent you from receiving email notices from and not just the individual email that you may not wish to view. Emails marked as junk will be automatically sent to your Junk Email folder and deleted. Reporting and blocking an email will prevent any and all email from from getting to your inbox.


Make sure there are no emails from in your Junk E-mail folder. If you find an email from in your Junk E-Mail folder, find the email and check the box, then click Not Junk. Clicking this button will allow you to receive emails from Emails marked as junk will be automatically sent to your Junk Email folder and deleted.


If you open an email from that is located in your Junk E-Mail folder, click on the icon Not Junk Mail.


Please complete the simple steps below to make sure all email is deliver to your Hotmail Inbox.

Add email domains to your Safe List:
Starting from your Hotmail Inbox click on Contacts tab at top of the screen

  • Click on Contacts Tab
  • Add the following domains to your Safe List exactly as they are displayed:



Never hit the Spam button when either viewing or marking the checkbox next to a email. Hitting this button may prevent you from receiving all email from and not just the individual email that you may not wish to view.

Please complete the simple steps below to make sure the emails you’ve requested are delivered to your Yahoo! Mail Inbox.

Add email addresses to your Address Book:

Starting from your Yahoo! Mail Inbox

  • Select the Addresses tab at the top of the screen
  • Select Add Contact In the space next to Email type: (It is not necessary to fill in the rest of the form)
  • Click Save Contact
  • Click Done
  • Repeat the previous four steps, adding:

This will NOT guarantee that email sent to you from will be delivered to your Inbox. Please check your Bulk Mail folder regularly for email from

Other Internet Service Providers:

To ensure that communications are not filtered into your “junk/bulk” folder, select the Add/Save to Address Book function in your email browser and follow the appropriate instructions. Please contact your email provider if you would like assistance.

Many email providers have “spam” or “junk” functions that will automatically delete or block emails that you report as “spam” or “junk.” Hitting these buttons may prevent you from receiving email from not just the individual email that you may not wish to view. For best results, avoid using these functions with communications.

If your email looks distorted or if the links within the email do not work, your email provider may automatically send emails to your inbox with the images and links deliberately turned off. Many email providers provide functions that allow you to see images and links in your email; it’s often just a matter of hitting a button or two. Please contact your email provider for assistance on allowing images and links to display in your email.

Responding to Ads

The email links on each ad are encoded so that they cannot be harvested by spammers.

To respond to an ad using an email client (outlook, outlook express, thunderbird, etc.) on your PC or Mac just click on the link.

To respond to an ad using a web based email client (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) copy the link and ad the site name at the end of the email. For instance if the Reply To link says pers-#### for an ad on TheDateList you would add to the end making The #s being the ads post number. For the CollegeDateList you would add and for the GayDateList you add

If you need further assistance feel free to contact us.