Monthly Archives: October 2010

How do I become a member?

There is no membership at present for The Date List, College Date List or Gay Date List. All you have to do is post an ad or reply to an ad. Replies are stored on the site and when you post an ad you are emailed a password which you will need to access the [...]

How do I post an ad?

Posting an ad is very easy. There are links that say post in the header and footer of the site on ever page and on the home page there is a huge post an ad link. Once you click on it just fill in the boxes and submit it. The next page is a review [...]

Your email address

The Date List is setup so your email is never publicly viewable. Emails you receive are in response to your ad are stored on The Date List. The only way someone can get your email address is by you giving it to someone. When you post an ad replies are sent to an anonymous email [...]

Things Not To Do

This is just a list of what not to do. We want The Date List to be a fun place and not filled with objectionable hate mongering or slander towards other people. Nor is the website your personal advertising board. -Do NOT post your email address in the body of your post -Do NOT use hyperlinks in your post. [...]

I did not receive my password email

You might not be getting all your Date List email because your service provider has certain filters or “spam” blocking software installed or due to technical errors. Delivery delays are also common. To make sure you never miss another important Date List email you will need to change your inbox settings: AOL: STEP ONE: Never [...]

Responding to Ads

The email links on each ad are encoded so that they cannot be harvested by spammers. To respond to an ad using an email client (outlook, outlook express, thunderbird, etc.) on your PC or Mac just click on the link. To respond to an ad using a web based email client (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) [...]