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Location: Palo Alto
Category: Women Seeking Men
Age: 31

I'm a graduate student at Stanford with big ideas and a big brain to encompass it all. I want to make this ad interesting, insightful and fun, but after trying unsuccessfully to post a W4M ad that was fun and uniquely 'me' (the ad was flagged to death), I am now resorting to a nuts and bolts approach to see if it will work better! So here goes:

I'm driven by the desire to learn and that has been a constant in my life. I am excited by the challenge of learning new things and enjoy analysis and gaining insight on the human condition. Team sports I love, as do running, hiking and biking. My love of outdoor activity prompted me to move to California from the East Coast. I speak 3+ languages and have backpacked to multiple foreign countries alone. I stick to a mostly vegetarian diet (you can ask me why later) but whether or not you eat meat doesn't matter so much to me. Over-all I think that I am a very down-to-earth person who appreciates life experiences rather than 'things' that weigh me down. I grew up in a wonderful family and hope that the man who I fall in love with will understand the value of a close family relationship and can build a family with me. I am also very hard-working and am constantly mentally / physically occupied (it runs in the family). I believe that I have a lot of wonderful qualities to share with the right person.

I seek an intelligent, athletic, hard-working man in his 30's. Not previously married or have children. Non-smoker, drugs or STDs (I am free of those too). Someone who lives close to Palo Alto would be great. And ideally someone who is seeking a serious relationship with the right person.

I look forward to your thoughtful response and would appreciate a photo. Thanks for reading!