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Age: 54


Hey woman...!

I wanna smell your ass and your feet after you HAVE NOT bathed for two days.

I'm a sinlge man from Chicago, Illinois, USA; age 54, no children, in great health, 5ft.11in. Tall (that's: 71in ● 180.34cm ● 1.8034m), physically fit-athletic build, tan skin complexion, disease free, and employed.

I especially like women with big feet (the bigger the better), I like tall women (but average or short ladies are nice also), slim to average proportioned women (large size is ok within reason), and I like middle-aged to granny aged women (40-75).

I'm looking for a steady old school girl who appreciates an old school guy like me who admires a natural smelling woman.

Today's women over do it with all the body wash lotions and bathing two or three times a day.


Feminine pheromones turn me on...NOT perfume, body wash or after shower powder!!!

Anyway, let's connect.

Photos available via private email.