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Location: Woodenville
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Age: 29

it takes two to Tango, Salsa, or Cha-chaPlease allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Jason, I am 29 years old. Born and raised in Lynnwood area. Professionally I am a Ballroom and Latin dance instructor.
My other passions in life include Kung Fu, self defense, tai chi, yoga, Mountain biking, jogging, road trips, camping, i alos like Karaoke (not a good singer) and enjoying life. I speak fluent sign language, and a hand full of spanish, I would love to learn any language. I would also like to learn to play any instrument.
- What I am looking for-
I am searching for a real attraction, some one who I cant get off my mind. I am very selective with whom I date but also open hearted.
shoot me an email and we can see if we should meet and go on a date.
please include the word "dance" in your subject line so I know you are a real person