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Age: 32

Although I’m around people a lot, there’s a loneliness that cuts away at me. I feel isolated and not connected to anybody. Sure, I have friends or acquaintances at work that I can joke around with, but at the end of the day I find myself alone and yearning for someone I can relax with, someone to hold, someone I can share my life with.

The funny or ironic thing (however you want to look at it) is, is that I’ve met several new people and been on a few dates in the past month, but have felt no real connection to any of them. I want to meet someone who is ready to be with someone and has the time to invest in a relationship. I can be shy initially or may seem standoffish or aloof in the beginning, but that’s just me getting through the awkward phase. I love music, the outdoors, being active and generally enjoying life.